What’s Up With Electric Lawnmowers?

By: Homekeepr.com

With rising gas prices is an electric lawnmower a good idea? Many people are starting to investigate this not-so-new invention. Is it right for you?

Maintaining your lawn is one of the summer’s big tasks. Depending on the size of your property, this could require just a few quick loops with a push mower, or it could take a good part of the day on a riding mower. Even homeowners who just use a small lawnmower are starting to feel the sting of rising gas prices, though, and those who want to leave the Earth a little greener may balk at how much-added gas they use during the summer just keeping up with their lawn.

There is an alternative to traditional gas-powered lawnmowers, though: electric lawnmowers. Far from being a new fad, the first electric lawnmowers saw widespread use in the 1950s. They have a long (but not always glorious) history with homeowners, but are they worth considering today? Read More

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