The Tri-Cities Could Be the Best Place for Your New Business

By Amy Collett

The Tri-Cities of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland are known for their small-town charm and beautiful rivers. It’s also an area rich with stores and other conveniences nearby, which may be another reason you’re looking into this city; however, before you start or relocate a business here, you should evaluate the likelihood of success. To help, The Shinabarger Team shares these resources to support you.

Community Support 

Consider the level of community support you’ll have. As of 2020, the Tri-Cities were home to approximately 275,000 people, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to gain customers and have them spread the word.

The Tri-Cities are also home to other already-established businesses, which means you may be able to use the wisdom of other entrepreneurs while gaining networking opportunities.

Additional business assistance is available from local organizations, including:  

Business Amenities

You’ll have access to vendors and suppliers throughout the city, considering there are hundreds of businesses in the Tri-Cities. If you do business outside of the area, the region is served by Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco.

Quality of Life 

Ranked as one of the best places to live in in the US, people in the area tend to have pleasant dispositions. Fortunately, as a business owner, you’ll have these people available to recruit onto your team. They’ll also be your customers. 

Residents can spend time in the great outdoors. Moreover, your customers, your employees, and you and your family all have access to a variety of attractions including:

  • Howard Amon Park
  • Hanford Nuclear Reservation
  • Columbia Park
  • Hanford REACH Museum
  • Sacajawea State Park
  • Badger Mountain Hiking and Kayaking
  • Columbia Point Golf


The Tri-Cities have a slightly lower cost of living than the rest of Washington. So it’s important to keep this in mind for your relocation.

If you’re looking to own, the median home selling price in Pasco, for example, is about $410,000, which is above the U.S. average. However, you can find programs available to residents that can assist with your mortgage down payment, including the following:

  • VA loans
  • Energy-efficiency mortgage programs
  • Mortgage credit certificates 
  • Homeownership voucher program

When you’re ready to begin your search for a new home in the area, The Shinabarger Team can help you find the perfect property that suits your family — and your business..


The Tri-Cities area is home to various colleges and technical schools, so many of the job applicants will have a college education, which enhances their qualifications.

Some of the schools in the area include:

Starting a Business in the Tri-Cities

When launching your business, your best bet is to register in Washington as a corporation or limited liability company; both offer asset protection and tax advantages. Additionally, as you begin your business, see which of the following you need:

  • Business Insurance
  • Permits
  • Licensure


In addition, you’ll want to focus on putting together a marketing strategy. To keep costs low, look to affordable options such as designing your own website through Wix or Squarespace. You can also use social media platforms for free to spread the word about your business and engage with customers. Try a free custom logo maker to help you create a custom logo tailored for your business, and you can create a free Google My Business account.

Great Place With Great Opportunity 

Carlsbad is truly a great place to start or relocate your business. You’ll benefit from the region in terms of quality of life and business opportunities.


Since 2016 Dave Shinabarger has been working to build an incredible team of great real estate professionals. His love for the Tri-Cities is almost tangible. If you look at the region through his eyes you see one of the most beautiful places to live in the entire world.

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