Spring cleaning with a Personal Organizer

By: Danna Peterson

Thanks to our guest blogger, Danna Peterson, of Organize With Danna for today’s post! Make sure to call her for all of your home organization needs. You can find all of her information here.

Spring is finally here! It’s like nature is finally taking a big breath of fresh air after the insane winter we had here in the northwest! Here are some tips and tricks I have as a Professional Organizer to take Spring Cleaning to a whole new level!

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Organizer

Yes, I am a Professional Organizer like #MarieKondo. If you haven’t seen her on Netflix recently you should check her out! For those who don’t know what a PO is, we basically organize and declutter your life. It can be anything; your home, papers, cars, business, schedule, papers, and goals. Basically, anything that can be organized can be organized by me. I work very closely with my clients and help them reach higher organizational heights.

Speaking of abilities, I have a Bachelor of Science in Art as well as a minor in Psychology. My background in Psychology goes perfectly with my organizational and artistic mindset. I am able to lend emotional support to my clients as they traverse organizational obstacles. I’ve been organizing my entire life, and I love the feeling a perfectly clean room gives the senses! I love helping my clients feel happy and organized in their personal spaces. I love what I do!

Start with Dreams

The first step to achieving the most amazing spring clean of your life starts with a dream. Dig deep with these dreams. What is your ultimate dream for your living spaces? What picture on Pinterest gives you goosebumps on top of goosebumps? Dig deep to what you want from this life. #dreambig I know this might seem absurd, but when analyzing your space you are effectively analyzing your life! Think about how much time you actually spend at home. This is your personal paradise. Why not make it exactly that and even more? Your surroundings support your future. You have heard it said, “surround yourself with good people and people smarter then you.” Well, the same principle applies to what you surround yourself with at home. If it is clutter and disorganization surrounding you, can you see that reflected in your personal life and goals?

Second, make a plan on how to attack this dream. For some it will be totally different than others. All of our brains are completely different. We individually organize differently. When I ask a client about a specific item and where they see themselves reaching for it, a lot of times they say, “this probably seems weird but I would put it here or with this… etcetera..” Knowing what you like and what you don’ t like is a great skill to hone during this process of making a plan. What is going to make your space sparkle with cleanliness?

Third, hire a professional Organizer. Whether you are spring cleaning to sell a house or just to feel like you have a new house, a professional is always the way to go if you want sustainable and quick organization. Organizers have the process down and can work very fast. And what better way is there than to learn organization from someone who does it day-in and day-out? Things that took my clients hours by themselves takes half the time with me because I know the process that needs to happen to get a project completed.

7 Steps For Cleaning Success

If you aren’t ready to hire a professional yet, here are some tips that will seem very logical but I promise they work!


  1. Declutter. Do you love it? Do you need it? Do you have room for it? Organization is a process not unlike discovering who you are.


  1. Fix all the things: garbage disposal, light fixture, paint chip. When you take the best care of your paradise it will take care of you!


  1. Wipe down all surfaces: walls, windows, cabinets, furniture, and appliances. Don’t forget those cob webs! This will be a good opportunity to clear all surfaces of unwanted clutter and put everything in its place. Everyone loves a clean and clear counter!


  1. Clean all surfaces underfoot. This will be another great opportunity to address new organizational solutions. If it is hard to get a space of floor clean that might be an indicator that you may need to revisit your Pinterest dream. Less is more. More room equals more light and more light equals more happiness.


  1. Clean all other spaces that you can’t see: behind the fridge, behind the washer, and dryer. You wouldn’t believe how many people forget to clean under their bed! I have found some pretty shocking things! If you can’t get to it, don’t stress! Ask for help! You might be surprised what you find!


  1. Clean the Exterior! Pressure wash the siding and sidewalks or just use the hose! Pick up the leaves and pull those pesky weeds. Give the lawn that nice first mow of the season. I’ve had a few customers that have transformed the inside of their house but have neglected the outside. Paradise is an entire package. Imagine going on vacation to Hawaii and your hotel room is amazing, but you walk out on the beach and there is garbage everywhere!


  1. Set a schedule to keep up with your organization and cleaning so next year you won’t need spring cleaning because it will already be a habit!

You Got this!

One day at a time is all you need to get your home and life in order. Find that motivation that is going to assist you in meeting your goals. And if you need a little extra help you know where to find me at #organizewithdanna.  

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