Roomba and Your Smarter Home


Cleaning your home could be as easy as a click of a button from your smartphone. Find out how having a Roomba could make your life a little more simple and even how it can connect to other smart devices throughout your home.

In recent years, a number of consumer devices have offered Internet-enabled features and other forms of connectivity. Not only does this allow for updates to the core software of these devices, but it also allows them to interact with each other and often lets their functionality be automated as well. It makes sense that you’d see this sort of functionality in devices such as robotic vacuums, which seem ready-made to integrate with your house in a deeper sense.

Every current model of Roomba robotic vacuum (and many other robotic vacuums as well) features Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to program and control the vacuum from a smartphone app. This is great for those who either already have smart home devices or are thinking of getting them, since it makes it much easier to add cleaning to your home automation routine. Here are just a few of the ways that a Roomba or similar vacuum can make your home that much smarter. Read More

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