How to Revamp Your Personal Spaces on a Budget

By: Amy Collett

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 The reasons for deciding on a home makeover may vary and can be very expensive depending on what you want to tackle. Depending on what you’re experiencing, these reasons may range from feeling that the home is outdated to needing major renovations to the property. If all your concerns aren’t with major changes, then it’s possible that the costs may be easier to handle while you reinvigorate those throughout your home.

 Sprucing Up Your Bathroom

 Making changes to your bathroom can be a budget-friendly activity, and an article from This Old House includes some great tips for sprucing up your bathroom with affordable tactics. These include painting the walls or floors, using personalized wallpaper, framing the existing bathroom mirror and updating your lighting fixtures.

 Wallpaper is a great choice because it lasts longer than paint, and there is a wide variety of beautiful patterns and styles to choose from. Sites like Spoonflower even offer prepasted and peel and stick wallpaper that is easy to install and remove. You can go for retro removable wallpaper styles or modern, bold patterns that stand out. Make sure you choose something that fits with your bathroom’s aesthetic and order samples just to be sure.

 Since you’re making changes to your bathroom anyway, it might be great to think about what you could do to make it into your own relaxation space. Go ahead and incorporate a small green space or little areas for scented candles and essential oils. You can also think about adding some high-quality towels; you can pick up a set of four luxury towels at Amazon for $42.99.

 Sprucing Up Your Bedroom

 Your bedroom is your own personal space where you can relax and get the rest you need to stay healthy. MyHealthFinder notes there is enough evidence to suggest that getting enough sleep offers key benefits, such as getting sick less often, maintaining a healthy weight, and seeing a reduction in your overall stress level.

 To improve your shuteye, Good Housekeeping recommends changing your curtains and bed linens, painting the room, rearranging the furniture, and adding accent pieces like art, lamps, and rugs. While you’re at it, look for some budget-friendly ways to acquire these new pieces, whether it’s shopping at a secondhand store or using online coupons and deals to help keep these costs within your budget.

 Decluttering Your Home

 Before you take on any makeover activities, it’s helpful to declutter the spaces first. Becoming Minimalist offers a number of tips for carrying out decluttering in a manageable way. You can put aside small pockets of time to go through your closets for clothing you no longer wear and donate them. You can also throw out or recycle old magazines. Larger items such as furniture and appliances can be trickier to deal with, but you can still give them away to close relatives and friends or donate them to charity. Whatever steps you decide to take to declutter your home, the benefits of the exercise include an increase in mental focus and productivity.

 Considering Your Storage Options

 If while decluttering and renovating, you come across items that you absolutely cannot part with, then you’ll need to look into the storage options that are available for you. If the items are small then a self-storage unit might be the best fit. If your items cannot withstand significant changes in temperature or humidity, then indoor storage would be ideal. This type of storage usually ranges in size from 5’ x 5’ to 10’ x 20’ and is secured. The cost of a self-storage unit varies from one state to the other as well as if it has specialized options such as being climate-controlled.

 Making changes to personal spaces like your bathroom and bedroom can give you a well-deserved boost in energy and peace of mind. Choose the renovations that best fit your budget and personality and you will reap the benefits!


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