How Seniors Can Use Technology To Connect With Loved Ones

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If you have a loved one that is older and they live alone or far away how do you connect with them? During the pandemic connecting with family in new was has been even more important. Continue reading to find out good options for your senior parents or grandparents to keep them connected to your life. 

Whether it’s adult children who have moved far away, the loss of a spouse, or health issues that make getting out of the home difficult, many older people experience periods of loneliness and isolation. Fortunately, senior-friendly technologies make it easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family.

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Senior-Friendly Smartphones

Many seniors are resistant to utilizing smartphone technology because of the cost, the challenge of learning the technology, or the difficulty of reading small screens or pressing small buttons. Happily, many modern cell phones are available with large screens and accessibility options, such as talk to text and enlarged fonts, that make them easier for seniors to use.

Easy Tech Seniors notes there are many ways seniors can ramp up the accessibility of their phones, too. Screen magnifiers, exterior speakers, and phone stands are just some of the gadgets that can enhance their experience.

 Smartphones are an excellent communication tool because of the variety of ways they help people stay connected. These devices can be used to make traditional voice calls or video calls. They can also be used to communicate through text or email. The ability to actually see the faces of loved ones on a video chat can be a great comfort to seniors who are not able to visit loved ones in person.

 If you or your senior loved one are using an older-style phone, upgrading to a smartphone opens up a whole new world of technology that can help seniors stay connected and accomplish tasks such as scheduling home repairs, ordering groceries, or participating in telehealth visits.

Smartphone-compatible Hearing Aids

Many seniors have hearing difficulties that can make talking on a cellphone a challenge. Smart hearing aids are small devices that fit in the ear like a traditional hearing aid but connect directly to a smartphone. North Shore Hearing explains this allows the user to adjust the volume and makes it easier to hear conversations or other sounds. Additionally, these devices have other features that provide enhanced performance over traditional hearing aids.

RTT and TTY-Compatible Phones

Both cell phones and landline phones are available with text telephone capability that makes it easier for hearing-impaired seniors to interact with others over a distance. These devices allow people to communicate with someone on a TTY-compatible phone by typing instead of talking. They can also be used to communicate with people using a non-TTY device through a TTY relay. Real-time text is a service available on many cellular phones that enables users to communicate through real-time text messages.

As news station KGUN reports, phones with TTY enabled could save a senior’s life, even if they don’t use the service routinely. If someone calls 911 and is unable to speak, they can use the service to notify emergency services that they need help. With that in mind, it’s worth considering including TTY capabilities in your tech toolbox.

Video Games

Video games might not be the first type of electronics that comes to mind when you’re searching for senior-oriented tech solutions, but as AgeUK points out, they offer a world of benefits to older adults. The demand for quick responses, complex controls, and problem-solving can give seniors’ minds a workout. Plus, many games offer a chance to interact with friends and family virtually. For best results, aim for 5G internet so gamers can avoid the aggravation of lagging or buffering.

While some people may be resistant to adopting new technologies, especially as they grow older, the learning curve can be worth the effort for the opportunities to better communicate with loved ones. These are just a few of the technology options available to help seniors stay connected.


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