Fall Checklist for Homeowners

Each change in season creates a new checklist for maintaining your home. Making sure your home is ready for the upcoming cold months can save you thousands of dollars by preventing issues later on. 

By Dave Shinabarger

  • Clean the gutters
  • Clean and service your furnace
  • Replace worn weather seals around doors and windows
  • Clean the fireplace chimney and fireplace
  • Winterize underground sprinklers and outside faucets
  • Remove leaves off the grass. Wet leaves will kill the grass over time.
  • Prune trees after leaves turn
  • Thin evergreen trees to allow wind to pass through without damage
  • Seal cracks in driveways and sidewalks
  • Seal cracks in the foundation and siding
  • Clear vegetation and debris away from the house
  • Move bird feeders away from the house to prevne mice¬†
  • Clean and organize the garage
  • Locate your snow shovels and ice scrapers for the car
  • Clean the outside of the house

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